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Client name :
Ms. Sabiha Khan

  • Plot Area : 6 acres
  • Location :
    Mandangadh, Maharashtra

Brief :

Khan House is a small family home aimed to accommodate a family of three. The site is a large 6-acre farmland situated in a small town in Maharashtra. The house is proposed to be located on the highest most point of the contoured piece of land to overlook the plantations and small patches of farms. The house is divided in 3-parts: central living room that acts as a common area with an open kitchen type setting, three bedrooms hugging the living room on two sides and an outdoor seating area. The verandah acts as an entrance lobby to the house along with a front porch that can be used for parking or a covered sitting space. The front porch is designed to contain a small terrace accessible from the attic, to act as a machan for a panoramic view of the farmland.

Our Projects